The band was formed in 1875 by Mr Ebeneezer Higham and his brother Ben, with the help from the Rev. A. E. Sillitoe, the curate of the church of St. Mary the Virgin, Ellenbrook. The first rehearsal took place in the church school room on April 6th 1875, the band`s first public performance was in June that year at the Boothstown School Festival. Ebeneezer was the conductor for most events for more than 50 years. When he died in May 1933 the band headed the funeral procession to Worsley Parish Church.

















During 1937 the band took part in a radio broadcast of the remembrance day service from Manchester and over the years had competed in many competitions. During the war banding was quiet, but resumed in 1946.


However, between 1946 and 1949 the Church school room at Ellenbrook was demolished and the band was then adopted by the Local British Legion. This home did not last long , for in 1965 the old British Legion was demolished and the band moved to the upstairs of the King William in Mosley Common. A year later they moved again to the church institute, before moving to their present home in the Methodist church in 1985. As the years went by, the band progressed and once again a change in home took place as the Methodist church was rebuilt. The band returned to the British Legion, until August 2011, when it moved just across the road from the British Legion, into the newly-refurbished Boothstown Village Hall (formerly St. Andrew's Primary School).



The band consists of 25 members from all different backgrounds and walks of life including nursing, engineering, police service, teaching, graphic design and all the way to people who are in retirement. All the band have these normal day jobs and come together twice a week to rehearse and also give concerts, deliver music for weddings, private functions, open days and more. We deliver music and entertainment to audiences across the north west leaving them wanting more. The band is always looking for members of any age and ability. If you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested please contact us through our contact page.


The Band



  We have recently said

goodbye to our long standing

conductor Craig Mann. Craig

has left the band after 5 years

service due to his increase in

work and other commitments.

The band would like to thank

Craig for all the outstanding

work he did for the band within

his time here and wish him all the best in the future.


  The band would like to welcome back

Fran Speight on solo baritone. Fran had

to step back from the band because of

work commitments earlier last year and

she is now in a position to rejoin the

ranks. The band welcomed her back with

open arms on Monday. In her spare time

Fran is a keen cyclist and if your lucky

(or maybe unlucky) enough you can see

her around the streets of Tyldsley!


 Chairman Geoff Sale has stepped down from his position after years of service to the band. Geoff has been in the band for 44 years this year and has seen the band through thick and thin. During his service to the band he has been secretary, chairman, publicity officer, principal cornet, soprano cornet and even had a stint on euphonium. Geoff is taking a well earned break from leading the way for the band and is enjoying focusing on the principal cornet chair. The band would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his hard work which he has done. Sometimes the role is a thankless one and he deserves this well earned break.